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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Carson Valley


9/28/12, S. Of Carson City, NV (Coord. N. 39 deg, 02.284 min; W. 119 deg. 46.537 min)

Today was a good day of travel, followed by a great place to camp.

After breaking camp this morning, I started across Carson City.  There was a fair amount of traffic as people went to work and brought their kids to school. The first few miles were through back streets and I stopped several times to let kids greet the horses/

9-27-12 588

One of the back streets I took was named in honor of a draft horse breed.

For nearly an hour, I stuck to back streets and the going was easy.  When I pulled onto the main drag, traffic increased a lot, but the shoulder was wide enough for travel, so it wasnít too bad.

9-27-12 589

On one back road, I passed by the governorís mansion.  I never did see the Governor, so he must have been indisposed or off gallivanting  around the countryside.

I had to make two stops in town. The first was at Walmart for a haircut and a new curtain rod. The second was at the Verizon store for a data download for my wireless data card. At both locations, the horses and wagon attracted quite a crowd.

9-27-12 592

Cruising the streets of Carson City. This was north of where the expressway cut back in to US 395 and the roads werenít busy.

9-27-12 593

Stopped at Walmart for a little shopping

9-27-12 595

A young lad at Walmart who really liked horses.

Tonight, Iím at Carlís farm, several miles south of the city.  The lads are comfortably settled in their playpen with lots of water. Carl had a nice dinner party with several neighbors. I contributed my fried potatoes to go with the BLTís with lots of garden goodies. This was a great day, followed by a great evening with some good folks.