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Big Sandy River


6/2/12 & 6/3/12

6/2/12, Eden, WY - This was a glorious day off.  The team spent the day chowing down, while I got some work done and took some time off to relax and socialize.  Ken and Elaine Rose, my hosts, were fantastic and saw to all our needs!

I finished my horse shoeing and it should be a few weeks before I have to again tackle this task.  I also cleaned out and repacked the trailer, loading on a full load of good hay, compliment of my host Ken.

In the evening the Roses hosted a great barbecue for myself and some friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day off.

6-3-12 001

The lads really know how to make the most of their downtime.

6/3/12, Big Sandy River, WY

This morning, I reluctantly said goodbye to the Roses and started north once more. I stopped at a great food mart up the road and bought a bunch of groceries. The wagon is now fully provisioned. 

I stopped and talked with several people throughout the day. Earl and Kathy walked back quite a ways from where their car was parked, so I gave Kathy a ride back to the car (Earl wanted to take pictures).  Earl knows the San Luis Valley of Colorado very well and has actually been to La Garita.

6-3-12 002

When I saw the sign for the Oregon Trail, I didn’t take the bait.  In 2010, I drove the Santa Fe Trail into Santa Fe, expecting to be met by all of the cute Senoritas when I arrived at the Plaza. Alas, they were absent, so I didn’t expect a bunch of fair maidens in bonnets to be waiting for me at the end of the Oregon Trail!

Tonight, we’re camped on the edge of the Big Sandy River on BLM land.  My camping place is located several hundred yards from the highway and is the furthest most northern point where highway 191 and the Big Sandy run close to each other.

The horses are enjoying some green grass along the river bank and all the fresh water they can drink.

6-3-12 004

From a horse’s and human’s standpoint, this is a great camping spot.

Incase you were wondering, there are now 604 individual pages to this website. Wagonteamster.com is also averaging 16,000 hits a day, without about 2,500 individual visitors per day.

My good pal, Bernie Harberts has loaded up wagon and mule in a ‘Rube Goldburg’ trailer and is on his way to Nova Scotia, Canada. Stay tuned to www.riverearth.com for updates.

6-3-12 005

Wagonteamster Camp, Big Sandy River. The bluff in the background is blocking a great view of the Wind River Mountain Range (oh well).

6-3-12 006

For nighttime grazing, Doc is now broken out in a separate corral in front of the wagon.

About three days travel to the north, the wagon will be rolling back into the National Forest and leave this high desert landscape behind.  But you won’t hear me complaining about tonight’s camp.  We definitely landed in an oasis in the desert.