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Back On Country Roads


10/3/12, Sulfur, NV (Coord. N. 38 deg, 40.524 min; W. 119 deg, 17.385 min.)

This was a very nice travel day, one which the team conquered a big hill, moved down a narrow road and into a beautiful valley, then started out across a large section of dry land.

Before taking off this morning, I went through the mechanics of harnessing, hitching and driving a team with my host Chris.

10-3-12 194

Chris, driving the team around the yard.

A mile or two past Chris and Heidiís place, the lads started up a large hill to a 5500 feet tall pass.  I had all three horses hitched and they made short work of the climb.  Once Doc was finished with his did his duty on the front of the wagon, I pulled him off the hitch and continued down into the beautiful Smith Valley with the two Belgians.

10-3-12 196

Starting downhill with the brothers. The road was windy, but in between turns, the green luster of Smith Valley opened up before me.

With a late start, it was almost noon before I reached the town of Wellington. After moving through town, I pulled into CGís bar for lunch and a beer.  It was a nice change from the normal wagon fare.

10-3-12 203

Smith Valley is about as pretty as they get.

After lunch, I turned on to the Wellington Cutoff and started my trip southward. All afternoon, I continued to meet some great people.  After turning south on the Cutoff, the landscape opened up and traffic became very light. This is a welcome change for the busy and fast traffic on U.S. 395.  For the past 200 miles, traffic has been heavy, to include the city traffic of Susanville, CA, Reno, NV, Carson City, NV and Gardenerville, NV, It was a welcome change to leave this behind me for a while.

10-3-12 198

Driving in light traffic is lot easier on the body and soul then trying to fit in on a busy highway.

Tonight, the lads and I have a roadside camp, about 6 miles north of the town of Wellington.  Since setting up camp, several folks have stopped to chat, to include two area ranchers who have invited me to stop at their ranches.

10-3-12 208

Our roadside camp

Tomorrow I continue my trek southward.