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Arrival In Eden


6/1/12, Eden, WY - The lads and I had a short day before finding ourselves comfortably resting with the Rose Family in Eden.  The team is turned out on a one acre paddock with free choice hay and water and are digging their life of relaxation.

I was a little slow out of the gate this morning, as I knew we didnít have very far to travel. With the Belgians hitched, we made our way out of the hills to the small farming community of Eden

6-1-12 003

I give Doc a day off like all the others, but as far as he is concerned there is no such thing.  Even when heís not up front pulling, he likes to push the trailer along with his lead rope.  In essence, the nose band on his halter becomes a collar.  Do you have any idea how many halters in which he has broken the nose band over the years?

As we began our descent into the Eden valley, the whole of the Wind River Range came into view to my east. To the northwest, the tips of the Wyoming Range, 100 miles away were sticking their snowy tops above the horizon.

After so many days in the desert, it was nice to see irrigated hay fields in and around Eden.  This area has a very short growing season, so the only crop that is grown is hay.  The Big Sandy River and Reservoir supply ample irrigation water.

6-1-12 006

The stark, snow capped, rugged Wind River mountains to the east remind me of the Sangre De Cristo mountains back home in the San Luis Valley.

Both Ken and Elaine Rose have gone out of their way to make my visit as comfortable as possible. Itís good people like this that really make the journey possible and worth taking.

6-1-12 007

Elaine races her quarterhorses on the barrel racing circuit. If sheís scouting Bill as a potential prospect, heíll have to shed a little of that harness first.  Bill likes to chase elk. Do you thing that qualifies him for barrel racing?

Tomorrow, the lads get to rest while I do a bunch of chores. I still have to reshoe both Bill and Bob on the front end.  I also have to unpack, clean and repack the trailer. In addition, I have some wagon maintenance to do.  Sometime in all this, Iíll find time to sit in the shade and sip a beer.

Right now, Iím about ready for a good night sleep. I think I might even sleep in a bit!

6-1-12 010

A couple of Western horses, posing at sunset.  These unusual clouds were in the south, but were painted a nice color by the setting sun.