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America's Farmers


4-3-12, Alamosa, CO - One of the true highlights of this trip is a chance to visit with America’s Farmers. This morning, as I was feeding and watering the horses, our host, Kelly Deacon, showed up with a delicious breakfast for Dave, the horses and I.  As I travel across rural America, time and time again I’ve witnessed this incredible hospitality. Those Farmer’s wives sure know how to cook!

4-3-12 001

Hmm, what wonderful kitchen creation lies beneath the foil?  For the horses, it was obvious, but Dave and I could only wonder what was to be?

4-3-12 002

Wow, poached eggs on toast, bacon and a fruit garnish!

After receiving this treat, the weather conditions outside really didn’t look that bad.  How cold is blowing snow from a stiff north wind and 30 degree temperatures when your belly is heated by a good meal and your heart warmed by the good people around you?

My advice to those that don’t see all the goodness around them - spread a little bit yourself. A smile, a greeting, a helping hand; all of these things are always returned ten fold.

It was a cold trek today, but the horses did well. They had a hard trek the day before with only a tie at the end of the day, In spite of that, they buckled down and gave it their all.

Around noon, I noticed that Bill was feeling a little off. Bill is a very sensitive horse and always does his best to please me.  After a long, first day trek and a night without all the rest he needed, he barely touched his morning oats.  When he left most of his noon day oats as well, I figured it out - he was nervous that he wasn’t living up to expectations. I pulled him out of the hitch and stuck him back on the trailer for the afternoon. Just a little bit of relaxation returned him to normal.  Tonight he attacked his feed with a vigor, took a couple of good rolls in the playpen and was ‘Good ‘Ol Bill’ once more! Bob and Doc are doing fine, so Bill gets one more day of rest.

4-3-12 004

There’s nothing like a big playpen, a pan of oats and a few flakes of alfalfa at the end of the day.

During our travels today, Dave and I met some very nice people, including a young lady that had a mule named Doc, and a guy that almost seemed upset that I wasn’t excepting donations to help fund the trip.

After putting in a 22 mile long day, we reached the wide right-of-way, south of Alamosa. Life is good!

4-3-12 003

Time for a little relaxation before dinner.