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Adult Day Care to the Smokehouse


4-10-12, Alamosa/Monte Vista, CO - Tonight, Iím halfway between Alamosa and Monte Vista and itís been another wonderful day. We spent the morning, driving north on Highway 285 to Alamosa,

Shortly after lunch, I pulled the wagon into the alley behind the Blue Peaks Adult Day Care, so the Ďkidsí could meet the horses.  There were a lot of eager hands held out for treats to feed the team.  So far, the lads donít seem to have any ill affects from all the peppermint snacks - ha ha.

4-10-12 001

Over the years, Iíve visited a lot of adult day cares and homes for the disadvantaged. Itís extremely rewarding.  The kids are always very enthusiastic and canít get enough of the horses.

Like always, the lads are extremely careful around the disadvantaged.  I think horses think of them as very young colts in a herd.  Theyíre careful how they move around the kids and really show a lot of affection.

4-10-12 002

That Doc - really knows how to pour on the Ďol love machine!

Somehow, I think the clients and staff of Blue Peaks will remember this visit for some time to come.  I will remember for a long time as well.  A half hour with these gentle giants generates so much good will and happiness, itís hard to imagine not doing it.

4-10-12 004

Bob and Bill were willing to spread a little love too; but, they were somewhat restricted by their overhead check lines, so the kids had to get right up there to pet them.  For safety, I left Dave with his hands on the lines and the brakes were set, but the boys had no inclination to move.

After our visit, we were off on the road to Monte Vista. I knew we wouldnít get that far, but I set my sights on the home of an old friend, with whom I had stayed a couple of years ago.

On our way, we had to do a little shopping.  Like always, we had to meet a few folks along the way.

4-10-12 005

Driving down Main Street in Alamosa.

For the second day in a row, the lads got a chance to meet identical twins.  This time, it was sisters instead of brothers.  The odds of this occurring left me a little confused, but then I remembered - ďItís Two for TuesdaysĒ!

4-10-12 007

This pair of identical twins were also reluctant to meet the lads, but they managed to get a couple of pets in.

Tonight, weíre camped at the home of Leon Snyder.  Leon owns Snyderís Smoke House, where you can get the best Hickory-smoked jerky, ham and bacon Iíve ever had.

The lads are resting comfortably on some nice orchard grass and looking pretty pleased with themselves - they should.

With a fresh tank of water on board the wagon, Iím going to cut this blog short so I can grab a shower.  Good Night!