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A Trip to Town


7/28/12, Orofino, ID - Tonight, Iím about 7 miles west of Orofino on US-12.  Overall, it was a nice day.

The traffic was light in the morning and we made the ten miles to Orofino in just a few hours. Where the wagon is parked in the picture below, I gave a short interview for the local newspaper.

About an hour north of entering the town, I stopped at the local grocery store for lunch, water and some supplies.

7-28-12 001

After carefully consulting all the town signs, the lads figured it was safe to enter and not get thrown in horse jail.

While I was at the grocery store, I had a lot of visitors stop by to chat and see the team.  There is quite a strong horse culture in the area and most of the people who stop to visit have horses at home (but usually a little smaller than my guys). 

With only a small refrigerator and a very small freezer compartment, Iím limited in how much perishable food I can carry.  I usually donít buy too much chicken or fish, as it has a limited shelf life. Unlike folks living a conventional lifestyle, I canít just jump in the car and run down to the store for something. If I donít get it on the way, I have to wait until another store springs up in my path, often days down the road.


7-28-12 002

Sometimes Bill gets some big kids to sit on his back.

Tonight, Iím camped at a large turnout by the river. I thought it would be a pretty good camping place, but it only turned out to be so-so.  The river bank is too steep to lead a horse to water.  I thought I could pump water up for the horses, but the top of the bank is about 5 feet too high for my pump to get it up the hill.  So, tonight the lads are getting watered from the wagon stores.  Also, they donít have too much grazing, so I had to feed a bale of hay. But, weíre off the road and everyone is getting some rest, so itís not too bad.  Well, everyone but me.  I had to reshoe B.O.B. up front, so Iím a little whipped tonight.

Tomorrow morning the traffic should be light.  Iíve heard that the road widens out a few miles down the road, so I should be able to make it before the Sunday morning crowd wakes up.