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A Hundred People


8/11/12, Pilot Rock, OR - Iím currently 7 miles S.W. of Pilot Rock on US-395.  Today was definitely a time for meeting people.  All along my route people were stopping in cars, coming out of their houses and businesses and even driving fairly long distances to meet the lads and I.  Everywhere I went going out of their way to show me kindnesses and bring gifts.

Early this morning, I was invited to stop at the Hoeft Ranch for some feed and water.  13 year old Blair and her uncle Heath were there to greet me when I drove up around 10 AM. I decided to make an early lunch out of it and give the boys their oats, in addition to the hay provided at the farm.

8-11-12 003

Blair, helping to water the horses.

The family farms and custom harvest quite a bit of land. In addition, they graze about 500 pair of cattle and drive them up the road each spring and fall on a 3 day cattle drive.  All the cattle work is done on horseback.

8-11-12 008

Already a competent horseperson, Blair took about 10 seconds to learn the basics of driving and had the lads moving around like a pro.

In the next 4 miles, I stopped to talk to people no less than 15 times.  The four mile drive from the ranch to the town of Pilot Rock took at least 3 hours; but itís not like Iím in a hurry!

8-11-12 009

This little girl and her momma were from a family of sheep ranchers, who hold their flocks high in the mountains on summer graze.

After several more stops, I was invited into the produce and antique store at the edge of town.  The good folks there treated me to a soda and a nice cantaloupe - good people.

8-11-12 010

Stopping at the produce stand

After that, I headed for the grocery store to pick up a few more supplies. It will be about a week before I hit the next big sized town, when I get to John Day, OR.

At the grocery store, several more people stopped to chat.

8-11-12 011

As I often do when I pull into grocery stores, I use a sign or lamp post as a hitching rail. We take up about the same room as a semi truck.

On the way out of town, I met up with some more really great people. First, Blairís cousin stopped with two 120# bales of great orchard grass hay - thank you. Then, Jean Anne drove from Walla Walla to meet me and brought some great produce from her garden. She also accepted my offer to ride a few miles up the road in the wagon and have supper with me - thank you.

8-11-12 013

Bill, entertaining kids in the Grocery Store parking lot.

8-11-12 015

The way south and west up the canyon out of Pilot Rock was through some beautiful country. The wagon kicked up several groups of deer,  including this nice looking buck in full velvet.

On the way up the canyon, I had the pleasure of meeting the Belur family, originally from the Bangalore province of India. Raghu Belur (second from the right) has been faithfully following the Wagonteamster blog since Trip #1. It was nice meeting the Belur family.

8-11-12 016

Myself with the Belur family - great people.

The lads and I traveled 17 miles today and had the privilege of meeting great people all along the way.  I would definitely call this a ďBanner DayĒ.

My internet signal is extremely weak tonight, so I hope I can get this posted. I donít know how it will be down the road, but I imagine it will be spotty as the road winds through the mountains and is not heavily traveled.  Iíll post when I can.