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A Good Pullin' Team


8/10/12, Pendleton, OR - Tonight, Im three miles south of Pendleton on US-395.  Because Im a man, and all man are too proud to admit when theyre lost (temporarily mis-oriented) Im going to remain on this road for about the next 1000 miles (that will keep it easy).

I started the day with my ace team, Doc and Bill hitched to the wagon. To get to the other side of Pendleton, I knew I needed a team that could provide me with some serious pulling. These two horses like pulling together and maintain a steady 4 mph pace for most of the day.

8-10-12 001

A very red sunrise caused by smoke from distant fires in southern Oregon.

After saying goodbye to my gracious hosts. The lads were really making tracks and put in 15 miles before we had lunch, just north of Pendleton. I only made one stop in town, at a gas station, to pick up a couple of small items and top off my water supply.

As I was traveling down Main Street, a photographer for the local paper stopped and took several pictures. He then hopped onboard for a short trip while he got the story.  Later, the newspaper editor sent out a reporter for a more detailed interview.

8-10-12 005

Rolling down the streets of Pendleton - a nice town.

Like always, whenever we stopped, we drew quite a crowd. I should say, The horses drew a crowd.  People just ask me a few questions.

By the time we were clear of town and found a piece of roadside to camp on, the team had logged 24 miles for the day.  Almost without exception, I do about 5 or 6 more miles in a day when Im driving Bill and Doc than I do with the other two combinations of horses.

8-10-12 006

The hot July and August weather had dried out most of the grass except for irrigated fields and creek bottoms.  Two months ago, this straw in the corral was lush and green.

Tomorrow, I should climb from about the 1000 feet elevation to around 2,500 over some fairly moderate grades.  The next day, the grade will get steeper and the wagon will climb to over 4000 feet above sea level as we climb to the top of the Blue Mountains.  Bob and Doc will start the day tomorrow and Ill save the Unicorn hitch for the steeper grades on the day following.