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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Yellowjacket Hill


5/5/10, Gem Village, CO - We started the day off with a doozy of a hill, but after reaching the top is was smooth sailing.

Right after breaking camp, Bill and Doc started their assault on Yellowjacket hill.  We gained a good thousand feet in three miles, and it was nearly as tough as the battles to take Pork Chop Hill or Hamburger Hill. But the lads were game and the hill was defeated at last.

Halfway up, I had an unexpected visit from Lu Ann Baker, who put on the womenís driving clinic.  We had a cup of coffee and a nice chat together.  Before she drove off, she left me with some nice gifts.  Itís funny, but when the trip is finally over, it will be the faces of those I met, that I will remember the most!

5-5-10 002

Looking back at the last of Yellowjacket Hill. It was a 4 to 5% grade for three miles.

It was a nice day for travel and the horses pulled good. In spite of the hills, we still managed to drive 19 miles.

I stopped to get some water at a gas station in Bayfield.  To get to the faucet, I had to drive the wagon into a narrow alleyway between the gas station and car wash.  I had to put B.O.B. on the side of the wagon in order to get to the water containers in the back.  The pictures reveal how Bob was enthusiastic about the cool air from the store blowing on his hind end.

5-5-10 004

B.O.B. standing in front of the back door for the conveyance mart.

In camp tonight, I met some really good folks; including, a guy that dropped me off two bales of hay, and Jeff who left another two bales and some good looking elk steaks.  I would like to tell you that I was just telling Clementine that some elk me would taste real good; but, that wasnít the case this time.

Tonight, Iím in another roadside camp, about 2 miles west of the town of Gem Village. The team had some fairly good graze and are about ready to bed down for the night.  Tomorrow, Iím off to Durango. The first stop will be the Post Office, where I have some mail waiting for me.

5-5-10 003

The storeís perspective of B.O.B.ís rear.