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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Wonderful Days in Horse Camp

11/21 and 11/22/09 - Gosport, IN - We had two wonderful warm, sunny, days off in horse camp.  The first day we were mostly camp-tramps.  We greeted guests, relaxed in the sun and took care of a few chores.

In the afternoon, Denise’s girlfriends from Michigan showed up with their horse trailer and camping gear.  Everyone had a great time. The evening campfire finally broke up about 2 am.

The next day, we saddled up and explored the property. Denise rode Doc, while I saddled up Bill.  Bob got to sit it out in the round pen with a few flakes of hay - he didn’t mind a bit.  Warm weather, nice horses and a great place to ride - it’s hard to beat that.

When we got back to camp, the ladies put the finishing touch on a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. The hard part about the dinner was finding room for dessert.

If you couldn’t have hand-tailored two more pleasant days. Both B.O.B. the horse and Clementine have a few words to add to the blog:

B.O.B. - All in all, The Teamster can really pick them; but I only score these days as an 8, on the 1 to 10 scale. With only six bales of alfalfa hay and 100 pounds of oats behind us, we (the horses) had plenty to eat, but we didn’t quite fill out like we were two weeks ago.  I think ‘Ol Bobby-boy could have shook loose with a few more bales of 2nd cut alfalfa.

Clementine - Not to ‘ruff’ - Not to ‘ruff’ indeed!


11-22-09 041

Throughout our days off we had visitors to see the horses and us.

11-22-09 053

No Clem, you don’t have to work today; it’s a day off!

11-22-09 064

Nice herd of bison across from JW Jones’

11-22-09 065

The tree house at JW Jones’

11-22-09 066

Our view from the tree house

11-22-09 071

Cowboy Checklist: Cowgirl chap adjustment.  Clementine calls this the ‘ruff’ part of being a cowboy.

11-22-09 080

The gang - posing in front of a covered wagon  after a nice ride.

11-23-09 084

‘This day off is strenuous, can I get some sleep now’.