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When the Weather Breaks -

Valley Falls, OR,  March 29, 2014

After a lot of trials and tribulations, I finally got the website up and running again.  For the past several months, I haven’t been able to post anything. I ended up changing to a another version of my website authoring program.

After working for a couple of months at a nuclear plant in Michigan, I finally got back to Oregon. For the first couple of days, the skies were sunny with warm afternoons. Since then, it’s been windy, cold and rainy. So, when the weather breaks I’ll be back to making serious preparations for Trip #5.

I was really sorry to hear of the passing of Jim “Butterbean” Carpenter. He was a good friend and I’ll miss him dearly. Just a week or two before he passed away, Butterbean sent me an E-mail, which I though I would share:

You heard right about the freezin' okay...  We've had freezin' drizzle, sleet, a little snow and it's gonna get bad, they say!!! That water-fountain 'project' of yours sure did turn out pretty!!! Is the power-plant going to catch fire this time??   Are you going back to the plant you did the work on in Michigan??  Get a contract down here at Comanche Peak, so we can come see you, next time!!! Here's a pic of usuns, you can use for a burglar deterrent..

Here’s a few pictures of the ‘Ol Wagonteamster from the past few months:

In my anti-contamination suit at the Fermi Nuclear Plant - February, 2014

Enjoying a week of sunshine in Kauai, HI - January, 2014

The miniature donkeys we picked up in December - Mayflower & Daisy

Trekking down the Abert Rim road for a champagne brunch on Christmas Eve

Both Jacquie and I are getting excited for Trip #5.  Unlike previous journeys, I plan on traveling a little bit slower, taking more time to maximize the interactions between the team and the public. Below is a projected route for the Journey:

Now that the website can be updated, I should be posting every few days.

 Take care,  Bob

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