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Nice Times

1-29-16, Valley Falls, OR -  All is with the lads and I.  Shortly after my last post, I left for a two month work assignment in Monroe, MI. Since returning home in the middle of November, weíve settled into a wet and cold weather pattern that has squashed any plans I had for sneaking off to the mountains with the horses for a few days!

With two to six feet of snow in the mountains, all of the streams are flowing good, with the lakes and reservoirs refilling.  This is a picture of the 25 feet falls on Drake Creek, near the cowboy town of Adel, OR.

Jacquie and I continue to break up the routine with a few trips hear and there.  A couple of weeks ago, we were enjoying the sunny weather in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  This is a very reasonably priced tourist destination on the West Coast of Mexico that has nearly as many American residents as there are native Mexicans.  In addition to fishing, we enjoyed ATVing, swimming, parasailing, and several tours.  I rarely passed up an opportunity enjoy a Margarita or a Mexican street taco.

A nice 4 feet Mahi-Mahi I caught while fishing.  This is arguably the best tasting fish in the ocean.

Bob, enjoying a heavy hoarfrost near the end of November.

Jackrabbit populations cycle about every seven years.  Right now, theyíre on the upswing. On a recent trip down the back roads, I had to slow down and toot my horn every few minutes to keep from running over rabbits that were congregated on the road to get out of the loose snow. Dozens of hawks and bald eagles were hunting the exposed rabbits up and down the road - quite a sight.

In the next few weeks Iíll probably head out a spring job assignment.  In the meantime, I keep hoping for some warmer weather to hitch up the team and take them out on a booze cruise.  If you havenít been tracking him, my good friend Bernie Harberts - is currently crewing a sailboat that is running beween the Falkland Island and South Georgia Island.  Itís pretty hard to find any Wifi a few hundred miles north of Antarctica, so he has only a couple of post up, but Iím sure you would enjoy them.


Take care, Bob

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