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In Nebraska, Once Again

9-13-14, Auburn, NE - After a joyous summer in the Oregon Outback, I’m back in Nebraska on a two month job at the Cooper Nuclear Plant. The last few weeks in Oregon were great. I spent part of the time finishing up some home projects and the remainder enjoying the great outdoors.

On the way here I traveled through Colorado and had an opportunity to visit with my good friends Jerry and Bonnie and several others.

Following are a few pictures of the last few weeks in Oregon.

Jacquie’s new mare, Brandy is a truly suburb horse.  She is very tractable and can be controlled with only a light pressure from the knees or reins on the neck. Brandy has now worked with cattle twice and takes off like a rocket in pursuit of strays.

The lads and Monty are also doing well.  With five riding and driving horses I try to rotate which ones I use.  The day before I left Oregon, I hitched up Doc and Bill to the wagon and took them out on a short drive down the Abert Rim Road for a champagne brunch.  Whenever I walk into the pen with a lead rope, they all crowd around and say, “Take me, take me”.

A week before leaving, we took the dogs and spent a few days wandering up the Oregon coastline.  The dogs have become expert beachcombers.  Hershey has even learned not to drink the salt water.

Doc, enjoying a trail ride alongside Crooked Creek, as it spills down the Abert Rim, about 10 miles south of the house.

Being a girl, Brandy occasionally develops an interesting scent. Doc and Monty may look like they’re grinning, but they’re actually using their gums to capture and hold the scent.

The fountain/planter I built last year is looking great. Next year, I plan on building a new water feature in the front of the RV park. It will also be made of native stone, will have at least two fountains and a swimming area for Hershey. I recently seeded the new paddock behind the fountain and it is now covered with a thick layer of grass.

So, now I have to pay my penance any my bills and sacrifice my time to the work place for a while. Before I get back to Oregon in early November, the aspen will have already turned golden and the leaves will be carpeting the forest floor.  By the time the truck pulls back in the driveway, the lads will be shaggy with their newly grown winter coats and begging to be hitched up to the wagon for a fall drive.  In the meantime, I’ll contend with the trappings of civilization and eagerly anticipate my return to God’s Country.

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