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Three Weeks To Go

5-4-14, Valley Falls, OR - Its a grand spring here in Oregon. The days are warming, the raptors are soaring, the deer are moving along the creek bottoms, getting ready for the spring fawning in another month, and the lads and I are getting ready for another trip.

In spring a man can truly look a the world with wonder, the wonder of the magic of creation. Its a season of hope, when the long winter sleep is over and the splendor and bounty of summer is just around the corner. As new life drops on to the brilliant green prairie grass, all rejoice in the renewal and promise of new life upon the land.

Bob and Doc pulling the wagon on a trip down the Rim Road. As always, Doc is raring to go and in pretty good condition.  Bob, on the other hand, needs a little coaxing. Hes packing a couple of hundred extra pounds and is using the last notch on the belly band of his harness. Hell trim down quite a bit by the second week of the trip.

Bill is doing pretty good as well. Last summer, he was tying up some, which is an early symptom of EPSM disease in draft horses. Just in case, I started increasing the amount of fat calories each of the horses get.  Instead of straight oats for a supplement, I now give a small amount of oats, a much larger quantity of beat pulp and at least a cup of vegetable oil, twice a day. Right now, they are each only burning about  20,000 Calories per day, so the 4000 - 5000 fat calories should keep them healthy. Ill make sure Bill can handle a three day, 55 mile camping trip before I take him out for the longer journey.  If not, well have to make the trip with must Bob and Doc while Bill stays home with Monty.

Hershey, enjoying the evening sun and water on a picnic supper. fishing trip at the pond in the mountains behind the house.  It usually takes about 20 minutes to drive up to the lake, but lately its a few minutes slower as my neighbors have their cattle turned out on the open range.  We have to keep slowing down for the calves standing in the middle of the road.  On this outing, I pulled in a nice 16 inch Rainbow Trout.

With everything else I have to do, I have still managed to work with Monty, the quarterhorse we picked up last year.

I hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather and getting a chance to get outside and be more active.  Take care,  Bob

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