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A Long Time Between Posts

8-6-15, Valley Falls, OR

As the title suggest, itís been a long time since Iíve posted to the site. At the beginning of June I finished my three month job in Nebraska and returned to Oregon for a summer of relaxation, home projections, working cattle and vacation trips around the Western US.  The Belgians are currently out on range for the summer and enjoying endless acres of good grazing at my friend Gerenís ranch.  Doc and the riding horses are at home for recreations and a little work.

Doc, lending me a hand dragging the paddock with a spike-tooth harrow.

In the past couple of months Jacquie and I have squeaked in a couple of RV trips, including; a nice journey down the entire Oregon coastline, and a trip to Lake Tahoe and Virginia City, NV.  (Lake Tahoe isnít worth the bother, but Virginia City is a great place to visit. This weekend we take off on an 8 day trip to: the Lochsa River Valley, ID, Glacier National Park, MT, Puget Sound, WA and Olympia National Park, WA.

In the past couple of months, I also managed to install underground sprinklers on the whole place, build a hay barn and replace a bunch of fencing.

Whenever possible Iíve saddled up a horse and worked cattle and gone trail riding.

Doc, giving me a hand roping calves at a branding. Itís hard using a driving horse that doesnít neck rein or respond to leg pressure to rope with - right after roping the calf, I should be dallying the rope around the saddle horn, instead, I need both hands to get Doc going in the right direction. When a 300 pound calf hits the end of the rope and I donít have a bight around the saddle horn, I end up with a nice rope burn on my hand. Oh well.

In the middle of September, I head out to Monroe, MI for my next job assignment. In the meantime, I plan on enjoying the summer and having a good time.

Thereís been some speculation on the Guestbook that Iím all done driving horses down the road - ďProbably not a true statement.Ē While I donít have a trip planned this year, next year is always a possibility.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.  Take care,  Bob

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