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What's New  with Bob


3/17/09, Happy Saint Pattyís Day from Hickory, NC - I hope everybody is all stuffed on corned beef and cabbage.  Iím doing great.  Some recent improvements are that I no longer have to wear a neck brace, Iím feeling better and thanks to a good friend, Iím now driving. I continue to get a lot of cards and E-mails from Well Wishers - Thank You very much everyone.

With a trip to the doctor last week, I got to swap my shoulder pad type neck brace for a soft cervical collar. Today, that went as well.  I also started physical therapy this week and feel a lot better. For once I found a Physical Therapist that didnít  have a sadistic streak.  I might have to my collar bone plated still, but the Doc is not sure yet.

My good friend Larry Riddle loaned me a truck to drive - Thanks a bundle Larrry. Larry and his brother Les are going down with me to pick up the horses is a few weeks. While Larry is here in North Carolina, Les is actually coming in from Illinois with a horse trailer.  Les is a Percheron breeder while his brother formerly had draft horses.

The horses continue to great in Mississippi. The picture below was sent to me a few days ago by Robert Barnette showing his daughter Candace having good time feeding them some apples.  Theyíre well used to the drill now and run up to the fence when people stop by.

Iím doing great and have a good positive attitude (negative thoughts are just wasted brain waves.) With all the Well Wishers Iíve had it would be pretty hard to not improve by leaps and bounds.

Photo Courtesy Robert Barnette