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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
What a Nice Day Off


4-17-10, Medanales, NM - The pictures below sort of set the pace for our day off.  Iíll say one thing about the lads, they make the most of their free time.

After sleeping in until 7:00 am, I had wagonside delivery of a nice breakfast burrito, thanks to Liz.  Most of the day I spent writing a short story, based on the ĎTop Handí series.  Iím a little over half done, so Iím hoping to have it completed and posted tomorrow.  I also took some time to give Clem a haircut and nail some front shoes on Doc.

Tonight, Iím having supper with Kevin and Liz. I was in charge of the meat, so I browned up a pork roast, and have it simmering in the pot right now.

All in all, this was a great day.  Tomorrow is another day off!

4-17-10 006

Bill adopts the same posture that my old Dolly mare does when laying down - chin buried in the dirt!

4-17-10 007

I may look relaxed, but I only have a 10 second timer on my camera, so I had to push the shutter, jump into the hammock with falling out, then look sort of relaxed!