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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
What a Day, What a View


5/15/10, Top of Slip Rock Hill, CO - Just to make sure everyone is as confused as I am, at the last moment, I changed direction and headed back into Colorado. Last night I called or E-mailed three different National Parks and Monuments in Utah.  Two of the parks told me “no livestock allowed”.  Canyonlands said I could come, but the horses must be on straight pellet feed for 2 days before I come, and during the visit.  So, when Doc couldn’t see the best scenery in the state, I decided the state didn’t need to see Doc (at least not yet). I changed my route to one that goes up Colorado Route 141 until it intersects Route 145, going east to Placerville, then on to Ridgeway.  If the snow is not gone from the area of my favorite fishing spot (west of Ridgeway) I’ll hike in anyway.

5-15-10 001

My lunchtime host Chris

I took the backroads over to route 141 so I didn’t have to backtrack too far.  South of Egnar, Chris invited me to fill up my water jugs and have lunch, so I gladly accepted.  She is a New Hampshire native, that settled in this part of the country with her husband, some years back. It was a very nice lunch, that included the company of some friends and neighbors.

5-15-10 004

Near our evening stopover, high on a ridge, with canyon lands on three sides.

After lunch, I drove about 5 miles, to the top of Slip Rock Hill, before settling in for the evening. Slip Rock Hill is a six mile decent at a 7% grade, that drops about 2000 feet in elevation. I wanted to start the decent with a fresh team, after I had checked out the brakes.

Where I was camped was on a narrow point that jutted out, with the Dolores River Canyon and other canyons on three sides.  In the background, Utah’s La Sal mountains were on one side, and the San Juan mountains of Colorado on the other. Knowing how Doc enjoys a good view, I figured he would be impressed. He was, but not as much as he was with a bowl of oats!

5-15-10 005

One of the views out the front window, at the camping stop

I could only make a playpen big enough for two horses, so B,O.B. was elected to be tied to the wagon. Being an ex-Amish farm horse, he’s used to tie stalls, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Several people stopped by, including the Howell family.  Shiloh Howell got up on Doc and found herself glued to his back.  So the rest of us had a couple of cocktails around a campfire and enjoyed the evening. They are a very nice family, and we had a great time!

5-15-10 007

Doc worked his charm on Shiloh Howell

Tomorrow, I’m headed down hill and north to route 145. My travels will take me through some pretty wild country. There will be no stores for the next three days, and the only water will be at the Dolores River, tomorrow afternoon.

5-15-10 008

An evening campfire with guests, the Howell’s