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What a Day!



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11/27/09 - Southeast of Lawrenceville, IL - A different day, thatís the best way to describe it.

We started the morning at the home of our wonderful host, Bill Bobe. We got up early and did, the chores, filled the water tank, and did laundry in Billís shed. Denise decided to change the wagon decor for the day, and we had a beautiful wagon, decorated with drying clothes - oh well!

We stopped for lunch at the Rural King store in Vincennes. There, we met up with two people that have been tracking us down (I told the guys to leave more sign). First, there was Clarence, who I met on trip #2.  He was very enthusiastic and glad to catch up with us.  Then there was Debbie, who I met yesterday and was glad to track us down.

After stocking up on grain, propane, and gas for the generator, we started moving through the city and headed for the bridge into Illinois.  After the river crossing, I tried to save a few miles and take the river road. I didnít know the road was closed until we pulled up on top of the levee. I didnít think I had room to turn around by going straight, so I tried to back the team off the levee.  That didnít work - the road was too narrow and with the trailer, itís tough to back in a straight line.  So, I pulled ahead, and found I just barely had room to turn around. That little detour cost us a few miles.

Then, we proceeded down a country road, through several thousand acres of farm land, with no houses.  It was getting late and Bill was playing out, so I finally found a primitive camping spot, by an old reservoir. After putting up the fence, I turned the horses out and we settled in for the evening. Suddenly, Bill decided to up the ante on our peaceful evening. I hadnít tuned the fence on yet, and he stepped one leg over it, catching his rear leg on the fence and ripping it down.  Thus began the four mile horse round up - thanks Bill, your such a @#$%%%$$###@ horse! Denise and I finally caught up with the whole herd a couple of miles down the road.

Weíre now Peacefully! camped alongside the old reservoir, about 3 miles from the closest dwelling. This is good training for our western travels. In spite of it all, this was a pretty good day!

Peaceful?, so we thought!

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Denise, who admires Amish life, decided to emulate them and hang the laundry.  Actually, the dryer at our host was broken

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Traveling through Vincennes, IN

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Crossing the Wabash River into Illinois

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11-27-09 032

A nice, peaceful, primitive, camping spot.

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