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Warm Sun & The Great American People

12/29/08, Newberry, IN - Today was one of those special days, sunny, warm, and full of warm people.

Before leaving Worthington, I stopped off at the grain mill for 3 bags of oats.  Those guys at the mill sure know how to pack a 50 pound sack!  The first half of the day was down nice flat roads in bright sunshine.

We stopped for lunch at a nice turn out about 8 miles down the road. My first visitors to show up were Elizabeth and her husband. They are young (seventies) bicycle riders who enjoy taking 500 mile trips. After reading the blog, they drove down from the West side of Indianapolis to see if they could meet the team and I.

Then Eric Floyd (from the Worthington P.D.) his wife and two nieces showed up with lunch for me.  The girls got a kick out of petting the horses.

During the hour we were stopped for lunch, another couple dozen well wishers stopped by to chat and pet the horses.

After lunch, the day started warming up nicely and we drove through some rolling hills on the way to the town of Newberry.  The old steel truss bridge across the White river was fairly long with narrow lanes and an uphill grade.  It was next to impossible to control the team and keep them pointed down their lane of the bridge with one hand while I snapped a picture, but I managed to get in one shot.

We’re camped tonight at the John Deere dealership about a mile south of Newberry. A lot of people stopped by to visit and chat, including two newspaper reporters.

During the day, generous people we met supplied us with hay, lunch, money and horse treats - Thank You Everyone!  But the nicest gift I got today was from a five year old girl - A stick figure of a horse and wagon with a note that says, “I Love You Bob”.


Journey 12-29 001
Journey 12-29 002
Journey 12-29 004
Journey 12-29 007

The picture below shows me with 4 beautiful Percheron horses that are busy munching 2nd cut alfalfa hay in front of a John Deere dealership, with a large American flag - Now, that’s America, but what is truly American is the kind, generous people I met throughout the day.

Journey 12-29 009