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Wagon Horses

7/14/09, Rushville, IN - The lads put in a 25 mile day today.  Our first stop was at the grain store on the west side of Shelbyville, where Joe Mohr stopped by and bought the team a sack of oats.  Then we drove down the road and chatted for a while with Joe’s daughter, granddaughter and her baby (you can go anywhere in this town with meeting a Mohr.) 

We went across the north side of Shelbyville to avoid construction.  After passing out of town, we had lunch at Tom Lux;s grain mill in Ray’s Crossing.  A lot of folks stopped by to see the team and chat. Finally Tom showed up from his government length lunch hour and said hi and left us with some parting gifts - Thanks everyone!

While we were at the grain mill, Josh, whom we stayed with last year, invited us to stay again at his house a couple of miles west of Rushville.

After settling in at Josh and Rhoda’s, they cooked up a really good fish fry.

Remember last night’s blog when I said I was going to ride the horses a few more times before I let the general public sit on them - well, I changed my mind. Bill was happy to let Rhonda sit on his back and give him some loving. Of course Bob got a little jealous and demanded a little attention too, And the neighborhood kids had to come over and give them some attention too.

Like the old team, Bill and Bob have pretty much become true wagon horses.  They get the job done pulling the wagon and love all the attention they get from the public.  They’re now very tolerant and careful around kids and other adults.  They move slowly around them so they don’t accidentally knock anyone over or step on them.  It’s really nice to once more have a team that adores the public as much as the public adores them!


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