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Visitors and Vistas


4-11-10, White Lakes, NM - It would impossible to adequately describe the vista before me, but I値l try my best. I知 camped on the north side of a hill, with the mountains of Northern New Mexico spread across the horizon before me.  The snow line is above 9000 feet, so only a smattering of peaks have a shiny white crest. Spread below the wagon, the ground is about 500 feet lower then our perch, and broken with ridges of red rock.  Closer in, the dark green of the ten to twenty foot high Juniper and Pinion trees stand in dark contrast to the sheer blue sky. Still closer, the horses are bedded down on last year痴 growth of blue gramma and buffalo grass. The grass grows in clumps, along with some two foot high, gray sage brush, in a rough red clay soil, with pieces of broken shale imbedded in it.  As sun is setting, changing shadows are constantly casting a different hue on everything. 

I find it difficult to concentrate on writing this journal, as my eyes keep moving to the gorgeous view around me. The team are finished with the first of their hay, and are grazing on the old grass.  Ever so often, they too stop and fixate on their surroundings.  If you asked them, they would just say that they池e digesting their food; but, I know differently.

I am aware that overexposure to a beautiful scenery can jade the viewer to the ambiance, but I知 still filled with wonder that so many people are zooming by in their cars, and not stopping to gaze in the majesty of what they see.

4-11-10 012

A beautiful camping spot

This morning,I was a little late pulling out of Clines Corner. The generator ran out of fuel before I could brew a pot of coffee. When I filled it up with gas and attempted to restart it, I couldn稚 get it to run right. Forty five minutes later, I found that the carburetor inlet valve was clogged (probably with hay chaff). I kept moving the float up and down and finally got it cleared out.

I actually had an appointment to keep today. I had arranged to meet Margo, a long time follower of my blog, who lives in Edgewood, NM.  Margo and I agreed to meet up on US Route 285, north of Clines Corner.  Just as I was pulling over for lunch, Margo and her friend Julie, drove up. Both of these ladies drive miniature horses.

4-11-10 006


4-11-10 004


Not only did they bring lunch and presents for the animals, these ladies were kind enough to drive back to Clines Corner and fetch my two rubber buckets, which B.O.B. had flipped out of the wagon - thank you! Then, Margo rode on the wagon for about an hour.

I think I知 going to have to secure everything with cargo nets.  Next time I get to a store, I値l buy some nylon twine and make some.

4-11-10 001

A nice setting for lunch

Tonight, I知 camped about 2 miles north of the so called town of White Lakes.  It isn稚 much of a town, as I think only one or two, of the half dozen dwellings are occupied.  I was going to drive a little further than my hill, but fell victim to a case of 組ood-view-itis.  I knew if I continued down the hill I知 camped on, I would drive quite a few miles to find such a great place.  The team have been putting in quite a few miles, so an early stopping time was also good for them.

4-11-10a 001

Goodnight Everyone!