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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Very Deep Thoughts, by B.O.B. the Horse

2/11/10, Kerens, TX - Bob the Horse - Having the day off with all the grass, hay and oats I can eat, leaves me time for Deep Horse Thoughts.

As I munch my grass, I keep turning my thoughts to the contrasts in life, and the importance of being able to compare the really good against the really bad.  For example, at the end of a long day in harness, the team and I are really happy to graze on some old dried-out Bermuda grass. Now, when you come right down to it, dead Bermuda is pretty poor grazing, not worthy of being thought of at the same time as some fresh Alfalfa or Clover.  Right now, the lads and I are devouring some early spring Rye grass. Itís doesnít hold a candle to Alfalfa, but compared to old Bermuda, itís sweet as candy. If the lads and I only ate Alfalfa, we would never look twice at anything else; even the Alfalfa would start tasting pretty bland.  To sum it up, itís the contrast of one thing, to the other, that brings spice to life.

Now, a horse that truly enjoys life makes the best out of every good situation and brushes past the bad.  So, as I eat the dried out Bermuda grass, I think to myself, Ďnot too bad - a lot better than snowballsí.  Then when I savor the fresh alfalfa, Iím truly in horse-heaven.  To my way of thinking, this is as close as a horse can come to achieving true happiness.  I brush past the bad, but Iíve still got it to provide the contrast needed to make the good, ĎReally Goodí!

iíve tried counseling the Teamster and Deebird about this, and I think heís slowly picking it up.  But, like most humans, they learn a little slower than horses. 

Now, if I can only come to terms with hoof snowballs, life would be complete.


2-11-10 015
2-11-10 009
2-11-10 020
2-11-10 004

Camped at Randy and Karenís as the foul weather passes

2-11-10 001

John, a hired hand, myself, Karen and Randy

2-11-10 021

Doc, asking B.O.B. if itís OK to eat off his hay pile