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Vermont, What a Great Place

9/3/08,  Weathersfield Township, Vermont - Today, we made our way through Through Clairmont, NH, crossed the Connecticut River and made our way about 5 miles into Vermont. My friend John Perry from Andover, NH is riding with me today and tomorrow.  We met a lot of wonderful people, navigated some really busy city streets,  had a fantastic lunch, climbed some hills and ended up camping at a farm owned by some very nice people at the end of a dirt road.

The streets of Clairmont were very busy. It was interesting moving in and out of traffic as we navigated through the downtown section.  The horses were pros with the traffic, even changing lanes with heavy traffic on both sides. We did have to run a red light on a left hand turn, as the horses failed to trip the sensor that gave the green light. We stopped at a gas station for some drinks and snacks and bought a copy of the local paper with our picture on the front page.

A few mile farther on we were approaching the Connecticut River and the border of Vermont. For several miles, a signal truck from the New Hampshire DOT line painting crew escorted us and used their signal lights on the truck to slow traffic - Thank You NH DOT!

Shortly after crossing over into Vermont, we stopped at a gas station for lunch. Debbie Fielding, who owned a nearby Physical Therapy practice wise kind enough to buy John and I lunch. Thanks Debbie.  You can see her posing with the horses in a picture below.

During lunch, a whole bunch of people stopped by to chat and pet the horses.  The kids especially liked to give the horses a pat and feed them a carrot (the horses liked it too).

A few mile further up the road we were looking for a place to stop for the night. A local vetrinarian (whos name I forgot - sorry Im not that great remembering names) and her kids directed us to a farm about a half mile off the main road. Her daughter was kind enough to ride along with us for a bit. They were also helpful in caring for the horses at the end of a long day - Thanks!

Our host for the evening is Kate and she has been very helpful setting us up in a wonderful setting with everything we need to make ourselves and the horses comfortable. Just before Kate joined us for some of my home cooking, Ted and Julie stopped by with the most beautiful basket of Vegetables you ever saw - Thank You!

On a day like this, you never get tired of saying Thank You - even when you have to say it all day!



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