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Update on Joyce


9/27/09, Bentonville, IN - Everything is going great here at the barngalo. I continue to type away and the lads keep munching the grass.  Here’s a little update on my old teammate Joyce:

 Even though Joyce suffered minor injuries in the accident, she was getting on in her years and it was time for her to live an easier life.  At sixteen years old, Joyce was very willing and always pulled her share of the load, but she was also old enough that she couldn’t maintain her weight while pulling a wagon 100 miles a week.

 Last May, Joyce was adopted by a very nice lady from Illinois, named Denise.  Joyce is her favorite mount and is being used three of four times a month to compete in a sport call Competitive Mounted Orienteering. This sport is similar to a scavenger hunt on horseback, but also requires the use of a map and compass. Being a go-get-em type of mare, Joyce does a wonderful job and really likes this sport.

 The attached picture shows Joyce and her new owner, shortly after completing and winning a fifteen mile ride in less then three hours.  You can tell by her perky look and raised head, she’s ready to go out and do the course again.

Joyce at