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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Under the Caprock


3/19/10, 8 miles East of Gail, TX - It was a nice day of travel, through ever drying terrain. As we moved up under the Caprock of the panhandle, the thick mesquite gave way to short grass prairies with fewer trees and more cactus. Ridges have become mesas, and hills are now buttes.  Iím about 10 miles from climbing up onto the caprock, which looks like a giant mesa to the north.  Ranches on the route are very large, often taking hours of travel to cross. Gail is the only town in Borden County, Texas.  The Coyote Cowboy Store and Cafe is the only business of any note in the County. You can buy a few grocery items and some fried chicken, but no gasoline.  The closest gas station is over thirty miles away.  This is not as big a problem, as it might appear. I needed a gallon of gas, so the Sheriff walked over from the Courthouse and gave me a gallon.  He said that just this morning he gave 3 gallons to a lady that had run out. Thereís good folks here in Borden County.

3-19-10 003

This herd of horse that were out on the range were a little timid of the wagon and team.

I had Bob and Doc hitched, and they sort of plodded along. I think they had their minds on their day off and the big round bales of bermuda hay.

In spite of the low amount of traffic, I had a few people stop and say Ďhií. At lunch I spent some time talking to an old Rancher about the trip. He was surprised that I wasnít ďone of them weirdoísĒ,

3-19-10 006

Another herd was not so shy, they came out of the mesquite to say Ďhií.

A few miles west of Gail, I stopped and talked with Rich Anderson, owner of the Muleshoe ranch.  He was a very nice guy and left me with a nice gift - Thank You.

A little further on, I pulled over on a wide spot in the road to camp. Itís at the bottom of a draw, with a stock tank on one side of the road, feeding another, on the opposite side of the road via a culvert and a cut. My taster-tester, Bill, didnít like the smell of the water, so I had to use the supply that I keep on the trailer.

I put up the round pen, but about sundown, the wind picked up to 30 mph, with 50 mph gusts.  So I wouldnít have to chase horse all night, when the fence blew down, Iíve got them tied to the lee side of the wagon and trailer. Between the wind and the horses, it will be like sleeping in a rocking chair.

3-19-10 009

Bill is adopting Docís philosophy about staying in good horse health by letting the kids sit on him. He figures two birds with one stone is better.

This was a nice day. Iíve got a long drive ahead of me tomorrow to make it to the city of Lamesa.  Iíll probably hitch Doc and Bill, since they are my fastest walking team.

3-19-10 010

The Coyote Cowboy Store and Cafe.  In Borden County, if you donít get it here, you can forget it (unless you know the Sheriff).

3-19-10 013

Looking north to the edge of the caprock.