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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Tyler, TX & Beyond


2/5 & 2/6/10 -     2/5/10, Tyler, TX - We pulled out of Rueben’s place headed for a prearranged stop, just west of Tyler, on route 31. The morning hours were spent approaching the loop around Tyler, while most of the afternoon was used traveling around the city. I had the two Belgians hitched, while Doc had the day off behind the trailer.

Everywhere we went, folks were stopping to visit and wish us well. Several cars had little kids that wanted to pet the horses.  The game little fellow in the picture below is Clifton Early.  He just got out of the hospital, but still wanted to pet the big horsies. Even though he had just went through some surgery, he let me pick him up while he petted the horses. I have a feeling that this is one brave little Texan boy that is going to grow up with ‘the bark on’.

2-6-10 002

The behavior of the Belgians around people is completely different from what it was when I got them last spring. At that time, they were Amish farm horses, and were pretty shy around people. Two thousand miles of travel and meeting people has changed all that.  Now they really look forward to a rub, pat and maybe a treat.

2-6-10 005

Clementine enjoys a good romp in the grass, but is always happy to hop back in the trailer and burrow into her blanket.

2-6-10 009

Our camping spot last night, was on property owned by Rueben’s brother “J.N.” and inlaws of J.N.’s.  They were some really nice folks and it was great to meet them.  That evening, we did an interview with the Tyler Newspaper.

2-6-10 012

2/6/10, Brownboro, TX - This morning, Denise was feeling a little yucky, so she stayed in bed while I broke camp.  At first she thought she had a bad cold, but now it looks like she picked up the flu (probably when we visited the elementary school).

All day long, people were stopping to chat, take pictures, and leave us with some gifts. This started out with a great picnic lunch that was packed for us by our host, and carried on throughout the day.

2-6-10 014

Tonight, we’re settled in at the Volunteer Fire Department, on the west side of Brownboro. There wasn’t enough grass to throw up an electric fence, so the horses are tied for the evening. Other then that, we’re set up real good with water and electricity. Denise has plenty of medicine in her to treat the flu symptoms and is getting plenty of fluids and rest.

Tomorrow, we’re going to continue west on State Route 31 towards the city of Waco, which should be about a week away.

2-6a-10 001