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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Two Great Hitches

11/1/09, Bentonville, IN - Indian Summer days, big horses and good people - definitely a winning combination.

With the book at the printer and the wagon back from the carriage maker, Iíve got some time to spend with the team.  Today, I hitched up different combinations of horses to the wagon and had two great hitches.

The first hitch was with Bill and Doc. It was hard to believe that itís been nearly nine months since Doc has pulled a load and two months since the Belgians have been out working.  I took the pair out for a six mile run.  Doc settled right in, and really enjoyed being back to work.  He pulled dead-even with Bill the whole time. 

For the second trip, I hitched Bob and Bill to the wagon, while Denise rode Doc. We tried to stay in a ĎUnicorní configuration for the whole five miles - everything went great. My landlord, Dave and his son Nathan, rode in the wagon while Daveís wife Marti rode a warmblood mare and ponied the mareís filly.  This was another great hitch.

The wagon work is moving along as well.  Iíve been working on winterizing the wagon, with a lot of work going into freeze protecting the water lines, tanks, and heater. In a couple of days, I should have this finished.

In the past few days, I managed to find some time to squeak in a couple of horseback rides, relax and enjoy the weather.

I figure on hitting the road sometime between November 10th and the 14th. 



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