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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Treking Thru Northeast Texas

1/30 and 1/31/10

1/30/10, Pruitt Lake, TX - It was cool and cloudy when we pulled out of the Redhill Community Center. 

The horse blankets had to be dried, so Denise had them draped inside the cabin as we drove down the road. This wasnt too bad for us in the driving compartment, but the condensation forming on the windscreen meant that we had to wipe down the windscreen every couple of minutes in order to see - I think the next wagon will have built-in defoggers.

After lunch in the town of Linden, we met Lance and Leaanne Hull.  Later, they were kind enough to bring us a couple bales of hay. The kids hopped on the wagon for a while and drove about a mile up the road.

That evening, we spent the night at the boat ramp on Pruitt Lake.  We kept the horses in the round pen until bed time, then tied them to a fence for the remainder of the night.  Not long after dark, Eva stopped by and brought us a bunch of really nice food, to include some great taco soup.

1/31/10, Coffeeville, TX - It was great to wake up to a sunny day, with temperatures warming up into the 50s.  For the fourth day in a row, I drove Doc and Bob. Bill is going to need a new set of rear shoes soon and Im holding off driving him, until we take a day off and he can get some new shoes.

Most of the folks weve seen here in Northeast Texas have been whizzing by at 70 mph.  There hasnt been near the interest in a horse drawn wagon that weve seen in other locations.

Tonight were camped on the side of the road, a mile west of the crossroads of Coffeeville. The horses are currently in their playpen, but Im going to tie them again before we go to sleep.

Internet service around here has been nonexistent. I have a weak signal tonight, and I hope its enough to post this blog.

Tomorrow, were going to continue down Route 155 to the City of Gilmer, where well have to pick up some grain.


1-31-10 001

The blankets keep the horses dry and warm, but they still have to be dried out - Denise is a master at this.

1-31-10 008

Lunch at the Farm Bureau on 1/30.

1-31-10 014

The very nice family of Lance and Leaanne Hull.

1-31-10 016

I think 8 year old Katy kind of enjoyed her opportunity to drive 4,000 lbs of horses.

1-31-10 029

At the Pruitt Lake Boat Launch - a very nice campsite

1-31-10 036

Little girls and horses with soft muzzles.