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Tough Hills to US Route 42



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11/23/08.  Redhaw, OH - Weíre currently located about 3 miles north of Ashland, OH on route 42.  I didnít pull out of Daveís place in Congress untll about 11:15 am.  I had to build the new door for the passenger side of the driving compartment and eat some great homeade biscuits and gravy that Daveís mother in law made!.

To avoid some nasty hills, I took a 4 mle detour to the north. However, the detour had some 15 - 20 % grade hills that were short, but nasty.  Not to worry - Dave and his stepson Doug showed up to bail us out with the truck. We ran a chain between the leaders and used the whole team. along with the truck to climb the hills!

 I would like to thank Dave, and his step son and daughter, Doug and Amada for all their help!  In addition to being great hosts, they were instrumental in seeing me over the hills to route 42.

After finally making US route 42, Iím currently camped at Tim and Sandyís place, about 3 miles north of Ashland, OH.  Theyíve been great hosts  and supplied the team with water and a great place to bed down.

For supper tonight, Iím having a boiled supper with a smoked pork shoulder butt. It smells so good, Iím having a hard time writing! 

Time for Chow and Bed/ Good night all!

Route 42 is great for travel. 

Tomorrow we should be headed for Mansfield.  We only did ten miles today but I kind of enjoyed the day and the people I met.

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