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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Tons of Visitors & Well Wishers

2-3-10, Big Sandy, TX - This was a truly exceptional day of driving; great roads, good weather and full of some really terrific people.

It was tough leaving Mark and Essie’s place this morning, as they’ve been fantastic. Essie’s brother Robert rode along for the first couple miles and presented us with a really nice gift.

When we reached the City of Gilmer, it was about 11 am.  While Denise ran some chores, I finally was able to post my blog for the previous couple of days. By that time it was lunch, and we decided to stretch our stay in the parking lot of the Dollar General. While we were there, we talked with about a dozen people, to include James and Glenda Gage, who invited us to stop and stay with them in Big Sandy.

After lunch, we met Tim Adams and Pat Chase. They have been following my blog for a long time and drove down with a gift of hay, hoping to meet up with us.  Denise volunteered to drive their truck while they rode aboard for a few miles.  Tim and Pat both have Belgians and it was great talking to teamsters that keep heavy horses. Tim actually has his own blog www.thegreenteamster.blogspot.com

Later, another teamster, who drives lighter horses jumped on the wagon for a few miles.

Tonight, we’re settled in at the Gage’s ranch. They were kind enough to invite Denise and I with them to attend the potluck and services at the Cowboy Church. We had a really great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The team is in a large paddock, with a very nice round bale for company. James has set us up with carport parking for the wagon.

This was a very rewarding day and we both really enjoyed ourselves and met some great people.


2-3-10 008

Fellow Belgian Teamsters, Tim and Pat, who stopped by to say hi and drove along for a few miles.

2-3-10 001

B.O.B., giving his seal of approval with a taste test, to the really nice Bermuda hay that Pat and Tim brought.

2-3-10 012

James and Glenda Gage’s granddaughter doing a bang-up job of driving the team over to the hitching post.

2-3-10 015

Part of the extended Gage clan

2-3-10 024

The Frontier Cowboy Church

2-3-10 022