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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
To The Fairgrounds


12/6/09, Nashville, IL - When I was in Nashville, Michigan, I looked for the Grand Ole Opry, and didnít find it; however, I did meet Denise.  Since Denise is in the wagon, and I can listen to country music on the radio, I didnít bother looking for it in Nashville, Illinois. 

Today, was a very nice day of travel over flat roads with good weather.  At our last stop, our host, Bill Windler, arranged for us to camp at the county fairgrounds in Nashvile.

12-6-09 001

Stopped for Lunch in New Mindon

I let Denise sleep in this morning, while I broke camp, harnessed and hitched the team.  She really deserved the break, as she has been going out of her way to help all she can throughout the trip.

In the morning, we drove the 11 miles to New Mindon, where we stopped for lunch at a convenience store.

12-6-09 007

Brother and Sister admirers of the horses in the town of New Mindon

From New Mindon, we drove south for Nashville, IL. We had a short stop, shortly after crossing I-64. As good as wagon food usually is, there comes time when greasy burger and fries is in order.

12-6-09 009

Denise, walking back to the wagon after having a Big Mac attack.

The people here in Southern Illinois are as friendly as I have seen anywhere.  Whenever we stop, we draw quite a crowd of well wishers. After pulling into the the town of Nashville, I stopped at a foodmart for a bottle of propane.  While there, we were visited by a Deputy Sheriff, a kid on a bike, a lady whoís deceased dad had horses, and an elder couple in a car - everybody was fantastic.

12-6-09 013

With snow expected, we found a fair building to stash the wagon in.

Tonight, we have the wagon pulled under a building at the fairgrounds. The horses are in their playpen, between two buildings (with some overhead cover) - an ideal location for a snowstorm. Tomorrow, I plan on taking the day off and shoeing some horses. It will be nice to do them under a building, out of the weather.