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To Indiana & Michigan


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10/6/10, Grand Rapids, MI - On Saturday, 10/2, I flew into Indianapolis. During the next couple of days, my friends Dave and Marti Caldwell wined and dined me while I went about finishing up a few chores and packing up the truck. Dave was pretty good about keeping the truck in good shape during a year in storage. I only had to replace one brake line to get her ready for the road. 

I first met Dave and Marti a couple of years ago, when I was traveling south from New Hampshire; ever since, theyíve been great friends.  When Marti and I first met, it was on the side of the road, during a TV interview from a local Indianapolis Channel. When she invited me to change direction and head for their farm, neither of us would guess that the TV interview would be picked up by CNN, and Marti would achieve her 15 seconds of fame!

After the accident, they invited me to come to Indiana, and stay in their deluxe apartment that was attached to their barn, while I rebuilt and got back on the road.  Ever since, they have been fantastic friends and hosts, and I could never thank them enough. So, it was with a sad heart that I bid them adieu and drove off Monday.  But, I did promise them that sometime in the future, a team of burly horses would pull a battered wagon into the yard; and some uncouth teamster would subject them to a barrage of course jokes.

11-14-09 08803

With Marti and Dave Caldwell & Barry, just prior to Trip #3.

In Michigan, Iíve had a great time visiting family and friends.  Iíve managed to spend quite a bit of time with both of my parents. Last night, I had a great dinner with Denise, my wonderful companion for the first three months of Trip #3.

Thereís an interesting story associated with the man in the picture below. In 1960, Don had just opened up a barber shop with his partner Neil. At that time, Don had the distinction of providing the Wagonteamster with his first haircut. Over the next few years, the sequence for a Saturday morning went as followed:  While my dad was waiting for Neil to give him his flattop, and I was waiting for Don to give me my crewcut, I would get a 10 cent root beer from the soda machine.  Then, one of the barbers would hand me the latest edition of Playboy magazine to keep me occupied. (I think it was quite some time before I figured out which side was up on the magazine). After our haircuts, we drove down to the corner bar, where I would get another root beer, and my old man would get a glass of the real thing. After that, it was back to the house to pick up my three sisters, so we could all spend our quarter allowance on penny candy at Shippyís Drug Store. (I would try to get the biggest bag by pigging out on the 2 for a penny candy).

Today, Don gave me another haircut.  The big differences:  my hair is now more gray than Donís, the haircut didnít cost a Quarter, Shippyís is out of business, the soda machine where you slide the bottles was gone, and I didnít automatically get a Playboy, so I donít know if it was under the counter or not.

America in the 1960ís was a pretty cool place!


Don - fifty years of cutting Wagonteamster hair

Tomorrow, Iím off to my Granddadís place.  Jakeís 98 years old and he says that this is the last year that heís in the horse breeding business (Iíve heard that before).

Sunday, Iím off to Monroe, MI, as I start my job at the Nuke on Monday morning. 

I talked to Bonnie this morning, and the lads are doing great in their pasture by the Mission Church.  Iíll be back home to La Garita is six weeks or so, but Iím already missing the big lunks.


Jake Sheaffer with his mare and her spring filly.  Thatís a pretty burly she-colt he has there. If she was about 3 years older, I would throw her up front with Doc and let her give him a run for his money!