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Time to Write

9/10/09, Bentonville, IN - Iím back at the barnagalo, living the civilized life.  The lads are enjoying the good life while Iím stuck at the computer, writing away.

Monday, before getting started on the books, I squeaked in a nice horseback ride with Denise and the Caldwellís.  Dave and Marti have an extremely nice farm, with about a square mile of really varied terrain.  As long as they werenít pulling a wagon down the road, the lads were happy to get out and enjoy the change of scenery.

I found a local printing company to print the manuscripts. It was a better deal then I could find online and I didnít have to sign away any intellectual property rights.  The first book to go to the printer will be ďWagonteamsterĒ and I hope to have it printed and out in about four or five weeks.

Iím also planning out Trip #3. Right now, Iím leaning towards a journey south and west.  I havenít worked out any details, but I think Iíll head south and skirt the southern side of the Ozark mountains on my way west.

Before I leave, Iíll have to make some improvements to the wagon; better insulation throughout, to include insulating the water and waste compartments on the right side of the wagon. Since it will already be November when I pull out, Iíll need freeze protection to keep everything running. Of course, when I step out on the porch to take a shower, there will still be freezing, but it will only be me, not the pipes! Iím also going to have roll up boat type canvass panels made for the driving compartment, with clear plastic panels for vision.

Iíve only had to endure this new life style for a few days, but Iím already wishing I was back on the wagon. Itís a good thing the lads are more patient then I am, or they would be tearing down the fences.


9-10-09 006
Riding at caldwells
9-10-09 005
9-10-09 002