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Those That Live and Those That Give

8/25/08 - Franklin, NH - This was a day of rest for me and the horses. More than that, it was a day where wonderful people stopped by and shared their dreams, and support for the horses and I.

Before I discuss the day further, I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the supporters of my modest venture. In particular I would like to say thank you to Shayne, Mark and John.  Words couldn’t express my gratitude.

Before a lunch, I straightened things up, then gave each of the horses a good bath. They rewarded my efforts by immediately rolling in the grass and dirt.  For an encore presentation, they galloped and bucked around their 1/2 acre enclosure.  Joyce was carried away by the moment and jumped the fence - fortunately she was easy to catch.

Lunch was a couple of burgers and a beer.  This evening, several folks stopped by to show their support, including Shayne and her sister (mom), and good friends Mark and John.

The pictures show: My lunch, Mark and his girlfriend, and Pam, who got her first horse ride on Dolly.

A fantastic day. Tomorrow, we’re headed west on Rte. 11 towards Andover.

My only regret for this trip so far - “Why did I wait so long to take it!”


8-24-08 The Journey 007
8-24-08 The Journey 008
8-23-08 The Journey 009