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The Trip to Mississippi



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4/8/09, Bentonville, IN - The trip to Mississippi to pick up the horses and gear at the Sheriff’s office went extremely well.  The best way to sum it up is took talk about the wonderful people I met and renewed acquaintances with:

Les and Larry Riddle - Les is a Percheron breeder from Illinois. His brother Larry resides within a few miles of my sister in North Carolina.  Both Les and Larry have been following my blog for a long time. Once I settled in to recuperate in North Carolina, Larry leant me the use of a pickup truck and said his brother Les would be happy to haul my horses for me.  Les drove down from Illinois with a trailer and picked up the two horses and hauled them back to Indiana. I can’t say enough good things about these gentlemen, they’re great guys and have helped me out tremendously.

Scott Boyd and Jeanette from the Macon Beacon newspaper in Macon, MS.  Fantastic people who ensured the red carpet was rolled out for me when I drove through Macon.  Also saw that the “Wagonteamster Fund” was established at the Citizen’s National Bank after the accident.  They did a good job of ensuring that only the facts were reported about the accident. and helped out a lot at the scene. On this trip to MS they were great at seeing that everything was arranged and took Les and I out for dinner - excellent people!

Dr. Billie Calvert - and the staff at the Kemper County Animal Clinic - Dr. Calvert is a tremendous vet and an asset to his community.  He worked extremely hard seeing to the health and welfare of my two horses.  Everybody I talked to only had good things to say about this man - A true country vet and a good place to film an American version of “All Creatures Great and Small”.  He got so attached to Doc and Joyce, I know he had a really tough time seeing them leave.

Mike Banks - A really great guy who put up the horses and offered up his fantastic barn house (Easy Street) to Larry a I for the night. A great guy, horseman and a tremendous asset for the town of Macon.

The Wonderful Ladies of the Citizen’s National Bank - who have done a fantastic job running the “Wagonteamster Fund” in addition to all the work they normally have to do. They’ve been great!

The Good Folks at the Kemper County Sheriffi’s Office - who were so helpful and did a great job at and following the accident.  They also made sure most of my recoverable belongings got policed up and stored. Great People.

Dave and Marti Caldwell - who have made more then welcome and very comfortable at the “Barngalow” here in Indiana.

Everybody Else I Met On This Trip - They all had a smile on their face, a greeting and a warm handshake.

All in all this was a really great trip. I’m now having a fantastic time in Indiana.  Sunday, 4/12 I have to drive back to North Carolina for a another round of Doctor and Physical Therapy appointments.  I should be back in Indiana by 5/14 and starting to work on the new wagon.

MS Trip 4-6-09 00602

Les Riddle


Dr. Calvert and I leading the horses