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The Strong Family of Concord


8/23/08, Concord, NH - It was with regret that I left the wonderful folks at Meadow Ledge Farm in Loudon. The Roberts family and the staff at the orchard were really great. Before I left, a nice gal (Julie) and her son Ian stopped by to pet and feed the horses. Julie opted to ride along for the day as we made our way towards Concord. It was a great day, but a little warm for the horses.  We stopped for lunch at a wide spot in the road.  All day long people were stopping to chat and take pictures.  Not long after entering Concord, Julie’s friend picked her up to give her a ride back to the orchard.  A mile further down the road, I saw a guy down by the road and asked him if he knew a place where I could pull in for the night.  “Right here”, he replied (this is getting to be a very common theme.)

My hosts tonight are the “Strong” family. A very nice and close knit family who go out of their way to define the word “hospitality”.

Being a traveler, I have to adapt to the the local customs and found that a well mixed “Capt & Coke” is a good drink, and if you multiply that by four it’s even better.

Dolly was nice enough to give all the kids rides around the yard while food was being prepared.

8-23-08 The Journey 001

When I told Diane Strong that chicken was Clementine’s favorite food, she went to the trouble of roasting a whole chicken for her.

These are wonderful people.  I’m glad that Jim and the kids are going to ride along with us today as we cross the Merrimack river and make our way up the road towards Franklin, NH.

8-23-08 The Journey 002