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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
The Roadside Park

1/12/10, Buena Vista, AR - We pulled out of the fairgrounds early and made a fairly short drive to a roadside park, a few miles the other side of Camden. 

Not long after leaving camp, we had to cross the Ouachita River. Leann, from the state highway department, was kind enough to get behind us with her flashers while we crossed the river and other difficult sections of road.

On the south side of Camden, we stopped at a Walmart to pick up some supplies. Not long after Walmart, we were invited to get some water and have lunch at the home and business of some good folks.

A few miles farther down the road we put in at a very nice roadside park for the evening. As I was unhitching the team,  Dee noticed that Bill was limping on his front-left leg. We took a look at it and saw that he was very tender around the ankle and cannon bone.  My lunchtime friends ran me up to a Veterinarian’s office where I picked up some lineament.  He’s still pretty lame tonight, so we plan on staying put tomorrow,  If he’s still lame tomorrow, the vet said he would stop out and take a look at it.

Tonight, we had a nice campfire, with all sorts of people stopping by to enjoy the camaraderie of the fire.

1/13/10 Update - After looking at Bill’s foot in the morning, he was much improved, and I came to the conclusion that he was pavement sore.  A longtime farrier (Donny) stopped by and agreed with me. He suggested that I keep the frogs pared back a little farther to avoid this in the future.  This evening, I’ll re-shoe Bill with a pad, after I pare down the frog some.



1-12-10 007

Crossing the Ouachita River

1-12-10 013

iA little girl meeting her first horse.

1-12-10 016

With some lunchtime friends

1-12-10 025

Doc, providing some entertainment at the roadside park

1-12-10 028

A mom and her son.

1-12-10 038

Doc even gave a first horseback ride to this young lady.

1-12-10 043

Around the campfire with some friends at the roadside park.

1-12-10 049

Dee and I with ‘Hickey’, who went out of his way to extend hospitality to us.