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The Road to Worthington


12/28/08, Worthington, IN - Last night’s storm broke to clear skies this morning.  It was cool at first, but warmed up well into the 40’s by the end of the day.  This was another great travel day, full of nice scenery, good people and warm weather (for December).

The morning run to the Town of Freedom was full of hills, but the team was pulling well. Even Dolly started pitching in with a little encouragement.

I stopped for lunch at a small general store in the town of Freedom. A lot of people stopped by to visit and see the horses.  Folks in the area have been watching my progress on the road from Martinsville and were wondering when I would get into town.

Journey 12-28 003

After lunch, I hitched the team back up for the pull to Worthington. A few miles south of town we passed through a small Amish community. It was Sunday and and the Sunday worship meetings were just breaking up so we passed quite a few buggies on the road. We always get a smile and a wave from the folks in the buggies.

Having spent a few days in the Ohio Amish country, the team is used to the presence of cart horses and hardly pay them any mind.  When I stopped to rest the team at a wide spot in the road, a guy pulled his buggy over to chat with me.  I never bothered to pick up the driving lines and still the team never took a step.

I’m camped tonight behind a small grocery store in the town of Worhington. I’ve met some nice people, including Officer Eric Floyd of the Worthington police department who was kind enough to give me $20 for tomorrow’s dinner (I already tonight’s dinner on the stove). - Thanks Eric!

Tomorrow, we’re heading south on U.S. 231. When we get to the junction of route 57, we’ll be taking it to the town of Evansville, IN. By this time next week, we should be in Western Kentucky.

For those of you who asked, here’s another picture of Clementine.

Journey 12-28 001