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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
The Restless Pioneer Spirit


1/2/11, Hampton Falls, NH - Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season. Like many of you, I’ll be taking a full belly back to work tomorrow.

If you made it to this webpage, you probably noticed that I had a major computer problem the other day and that I had to create a new page to launch my blogs from. I lost a lot of source files, so I don’t dare try and change the “Where’s Bob - Trip #3” page at all. If I do, I’ll lose about the last 40 blogs. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m now working from my backup computer.

Throughout my travels, reporters have often asked me, “What draws people to follow your travels?”. The exact reasons vary, but generally I feel many people still have that same restless spirit that led many of our ancestors to load up their wagons and go pioneering. The same longing for new challenges, people, places and adventure continues to burn within people’s breast.

Today, I see a lot of these modern day pioneers in the mountains of Colorado. People who previously had nice homes and good paying jobs, suddenly pick up and move west. They go from a comfortable existence in their former life, to a more rugged life, with far fewer comforts and modern connivence’s. They don’t put themselves through all this hardship for economic gain. I feel they do it because in there hearts, they’re still leading a span of oxen across the prairies. When the longing for a dusty trail outweighs the comfort of a ‘normal’ existence, it’s time to go pioneering!

A lot of folks have asked me about my future plans. Right now, I haven’t decided exactly when and where, but there is a Trip #4 in the ‘Dreaming’ stage. Which is the first step in a process which leads to ‘Reality’.

Life here in New Hampshire has been a gentle one, but still leaves me with a longing to return to a life of pioneering. I’ve never been what you would all a “Cattle Guy”, so instead of oxen, I’ll be more than happy to hitch up the lads to the wagon. The weather has been mild for the past few days and a lot of people have been enjoying the beach. Attached are some scenes from my new neighborhood.


Calm seas, clear skies and warm temperatures - a serene picture of a New England seascape.


The nice weather really brought out the beachgoers, including a pair of young equestrians.