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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
The Last Post from N.C.


4/21/09, Hickory, NC - This is the last post from North Carolina.  Today, Larry Riddle and I loaded up what what was Captain Bernie Harbertís land yacht onto a trailer.  Thursday morning were headed for Indiana.

I donít have any pictures of the interior yet, but Bernie did a fine job putting this rig together and I have great place to start.  Across the back is a pair of bench seats and table which become a great bed.  Right now, there are counters and drawers down both sides.

What Iím going to do first is return it to itís original configuration: build some new exterior storage boxes, install front seats, solar panels, batteries, a rubber roof, awnings and a rear shelf for hay and water. Then Iíll spruce it up a bit. I plan on a small combination commode and shower, a small sink, fridge and 2 burner stove and some cupboards. Iíll run internal 120 Volt power and hot and cold water lines.

The great news is that the current (restored) weight is only about 2,500 lbs.  By the time I finish ďBob-In-izingĒ and loading it with supplies, it will still be less then 3500 lbs.  What this means is that I can pull it with two horses.  However, at some future date Iíll be tempted to add another team and go back to a 4 - up (because itís cool and I like having four out front).

My original idea was to mate an existing camper with a Pioneer wagon running gear. Bernie has done such a great job building this wagon it will actually turn out to be better.  He used boat type building techniques that are light and very strong.

Itís great of Larry to take the time to haul this to Indiana for me. I can tell you the Riddle brothers have been fantastic!