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The HIlls of Pittsfield

8-20-08 - Pittsfield, NH - Overall, it was a day of bright sunshine and lots of hills to climb. We skirted the edge of Catamount Mt and descended into and out of the Suncook river valley as we made are way through the town of Pittsfield. 

After shoeing Dollie this morning, we harnessed the horses and hitched up at about 10 AM. After climbing the big hill up Dowborro road, we stopped at the top for lunch at the old Quaker Meeting House.   On the way up the hill we first stopped to catch a Belgian Draft horse that broke out of his field. A little farther up the hill we stopped and bought 4 bales of hay at a local farm.  Where ever we went, people want to talk and share their story and hear ours.

Just after we left Pittsfield town center, I asked a man at the first farm we passed if he knew of a place we could park for the night. Steve Riel told us we can turn the wagon right into his drive and park in the backyard.  This invitation turned into a real nice backyard barbecue with lots of nice friends and neighbors stopping by.  The neighbor kids enjoyed feeding the horses apples and sitting on Dolly with their mom.

We’ll leave here tomorrow with a nice jar of homemade relish and a quart of blueberries, but more importantly, we’ll leave with a couple dozen new friends. What we’ll leave behind is a lot of smiles and good memories.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to Loudon, NH.


8-20-08 The Journey 001
8-20-08 The Journey 006
8-20-08 The Journey 008