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The Blue Grass State


1/6/08, Henderson, KY - Today was a long day of busy roads.  We traveled about 17 miles, but it was in a lot of traffic.  As tiring as it is for me, it is much more so for the team.  Imagine if you had to stand right next to a lane of traffic on the expressway and have cars zoom by you all day.  It’s mentally fatiguing after only a short while.  Even though the wagon pulled easily on fairly flat roads, it was more tiring to them then pulling the same distance with hills all day.

During the morning we rolled down route 57 to the junction of US Route 41. A couple of miles down route 41, we stopped for lunch at a brickyard that was located just off the highway.  It was a great lunch with the guys that worked there. One of the guys left us with a nice 2 pound stick of Caribou sausage.  While at lunch, I did a quick interview with local TV station Ch. 25.

The afternoon was spent rolling down US 41 in heavy traffic. The first part of the day wasn’t too bad, but once rush hour started the congestion and speed picked up a lot.  Fortunately, the shoulder widened out enough that we could get out of the traffic lane.  On the way a photographer from Fox Channel 7 shot some more footage of the team.

There’s a small foothold of Kentucky, located south of Evansville, but on the north side of the Ohio River.  That’s where were at right now - about a half mile into Kentucky and a half mile north of the Ohio River Bridge.

Journey 1-6-09 002

We’re camped tonight a Phil’s Gas Station and Convenience store. Phil’s a great guy and even asked one of his employees to run me up the road so I could get and LP gas bottle filled.  Supper tonight was a really good curry chicken with rice.

Tomorrow, the Henderson County, KY Sheriff’s Department is going to escort us across the bridge after the morning rush hour traffic has died down.

Doc’s still looking for the Blue Grass!