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Texas 'Horse' Independance Day



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3/2/10, Center City, TX - Happy Texas Independence Day!  It was on this day, in 1836, that Texas won her independence after Ďol Sam Houston and his boys caught Santa Ana napping.

The lads celebrated their independence by getting a chance to roam around the property.  I first let the two Belgians run, while I saddled up Doc and took him for a ride.  The brothers could have cared less. They just kept on grazing while we rode around the property.  Bill was then a pain to catch, but I got him.

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3-2-10 002

Yipee, Iím Free!

Learning from my mistake, I then saddled up Bill, and let the other two roam free.  As Bill is a very dominant lead horse, the other two hooligans fell right in line and went wherever we did.

Bill Winton, who owns this place had a dozer come in and clear off about 8/10ís of the scrub cedar and mesquite, opening the land so it will grow good grass.  In another couple of years, it will be very productive grazing and good habitat for wildlife.

3-2-10 004

The other boys follow faithfully, when I ride Bill.

I had three very nice rides today. Itís a great place to straddle a horse, as long as you take care to avoid the prickly pear cactus and mesquite thorns. Bill even gave me a couple of little crow-hop bucks when I opened him up on straight stretch.

3-2-10 005

View from Bill-back

The Amigos arenít the only ones who enjoy a day off. I enjoy a little down time too, especially if I donít have to shoe any horses.  Most days when Iím on the road, Iím busy from and hour before sunrise, until about 10 pm at night. Driving a team of horses requires constant adjustment to the lines and verbal coaching and correcting.  With the continuous tension on the lines, horse care and setting and breaking camp, Iím usually a whipped puppy by the time I hit the sack.

Now that Iíve spent the previous paragraph crying on your shoulder; by no means should you feel sorry for me.  This is really a splendid lifestyle!

3-2-10 006

Clem and I out soaking up some sunshine

All in all, this was a very pleasant day off.  The horses are still is pretty good shape from their stay in Waco, but they needed some Ďmentalí time off to just be horses.

Tomorrow morning, weíre off on the journey again.  When we get a few miles down the road, U.S. Route 84 takes a bend to the north. So, sometime before lunch, weíll reach a point where our journey will start heading north as well as west.  Hopefully, the seasons will follow our progress, and the hotter weather of summer wonít show up until weíre at the higher elevations out west.

3-2-10 007

ďFree-Bob, grazing under the Mesquite tree.