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1/18/10, Texarkana, AR - After 900 miles and two months of travel, we have arrived on the Arkansas/Texas state line.  Last year, I started the journey south a few weeks later in the season, so the winter weather was with me for most of the trip.  We experienced a few cold mornings, but driving from a heated front porch on this trip, was not exactly a hardship.  Neither the horses, nor Dee and I are road weary - everybody is in pretty good shape.  Nonetheless, everybody is getting a week off to rest and unwind.

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1-18-10 002

A couple of nice Arkansas State Troopers who stopped by to meet us and chat.

In the morning, we pulled out fairly early from our roadside camp.  The horses were tied to the wagon all night, so they periodically woke us up as they shifted around, or scratched against the side of the wagon. Tying the horses at night doesnít bother them any, but for us to get a full night sleep, weíll have to tie them to something other than the wagon.

A our first break, a couple of State Troopers stopped to chat and visit for a bit. We took a few pictures for their quarterly magazine.  For the next couple of hours, one of the troopers was kind enough to patrol our section of the highway.  This knocked a few miles-per-hour off the traffic speed and made driving the wagon much more relaxing.

We had plenty of time for lunch, so after finding a nice place, we stopped an enjoyed the warm weather. This was a nice, relaxing lunch break, reminiscent of the long lunches that I normally take in the summer months.

After lunch, we turned north on Rondo road and drove a mile north to McClure Rd. Currently, weíre at Dee and Melissa Evansí place, a couple of hundred yards down McClure. The horses are in a very nice one acre paddock, with a big round bale of hay to keep them comfortable. Doc has been busy romancing a cute little sorrel mare in the adjoining paddock. He prefers red roan mares, but I guess a sorrel will do in a pinch.

Dee and I are going to take it easy and do a little maintenance. It will also be a good time to throw some saddles on some horses and take a few rides.

Friday, Iím taking a rental car to Mississippi to visit some friends and take care of some business.

Dee and Melissa Evans have been great and are really treating us like royalty.

Iíll be blogging every couple of days while weíre here.

1-18-10 011

Lunchtime view - sort of like a driving view

1-18-10 012

Clementine must have been bored with her normal setting.  After lunch, we found she had climbed into the sink. The steak in the Aluminum foil probably had something to do with it.

1-18-10 015

Some nice horse-drawn equipment in front of a house in Texarkana, Note - John McComsey had a picture of this equipment on his website.

1-18-10 021
1-18-10 026

The Team, enjoying their nice paddock at the Evansí place.

1-18-10 032

Carport parking for the wagon, for the next week

1-18-10 034

Docís New Flame