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Teamster John McComsey on the Road


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4/1-/11, Missouri Valley, IA - After a short hiatus, my good friend John McComsey finally got tired of civilized life, hitched up three good mules to a wagon, and hit the road.  We talked on phone yesterday, and he filled me in on what’s going on.

I first met John a couple of years ago when I was driving my team from New Hampshire to Mississippi. Since then, we’ve been the best of friends.  In April of 2009, John hitched up his fine Percheron mules to a wagon and drove it all the way to Phoenix, AZ, is an astonishing 4 months.  Since that time, John and his girlfriend Marilyn have taken several wagon trips throughout the south,  Well now, he’s been hankering for the road so much, he hitched up his team for an extended journey.

Having already left Tennessee, John is currently on his way across Alabama, headed to Arkansas.  There, he’ll pick up Marilyn (who’s been nursing a broken arm) and set their sights on Charleston, South Carolina.

John and mules driving

Now, I don’t want to give John a swollen head, as he’s been growing a lot of hair of late, and I don’t think he has any more room on his shoulders.  But, John happens to be one of the best teamsters I’ve ever met. Of course, he does happen to own three of the finest mules a man could own, and they probably make him look a lot better than he really is - ha ha.

Recently, John picked up a big sorrel mule (Ole Red) whom he is driving between Mack and Jack. Even that big ‘Ol Pleasure Palace he’s hauling down the road shouldn’t be a problem for the three stout animals like the ones he has.

Three mules

Unfortunately, John is no longer maintaining his old website.  However, all is not lost.  You can track his adventures on Facebook. Just look up ‘John McComsey’ on Facebook and send him a Friends Request.  He and Marilyn are tracking his progress on John’s Wall. There is more than one John McComsey on Facebook, so select the one that has a picture of a grizzly bear wearing britches and standing next to some really good looking mules.