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10/17/09, Bentonville, IN - I’ve been pretty busy the past week, as I try to make the most of the barngalo time.  Except for a final edit, the “Wagonteamster” book is now finished.  I plan on bringing it to the printer on Wednesday. Clementine is keeping a good eye on me, to reduce the number of spelling and grammar errors.

The wagon is off at the Amish Carriage Maker getting a new hairdo. The next time you see the wagon, it will be sporting a brand new canvass weather shield around the driving compartment.

What I have left to do on the wagon: Bring it down to the fab shop to have a longer trailer hitch put on, insulate the water/waste compartment, buy a small generator and water pump, and build a rack for the trailer.

As I plan on traveling for a solid year on Trip #3, I want to get as much done as possible.

Horse training is proceeding, but still slowly.  Today, I hitched them up in teams with no problems.  They’re all driving very well, with very little input with the driving lines.  Later this week, when the wagon gets back, I’ll hitch them up in a unicorn. 

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