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Sunshine on the Road to Guntown


1/31/09, Guntown, MS - I was hitched up and on the road before 8 this morning. The horses were feeling pretty good, so we stepped right out.  The road through the city of Booneville and for a few miles after was quite hilly.  Every time we pulled over for a break or for lunch, several folks showed up to find out what the wagon is about and to wish us well.  Lunch was at a Baptist church parking lot in the burg of Frankstown.  Like many small towns I’ve seen on this trip, the businesses in this town are mostly closed down due to the town being bypassed by a new highway.

The horses drove 19 miles today and we’re settled in at a very favorable location - a good Mexican restaurant! They’ve got some nice green grass and I had a beef and chicken fajitas with a Corona to wash it down.  Tomorrow, I’m going to drive up to and through the city of Tupelo. 

Very soon, I’m going to have to make a choice on the direction of travel.  I’m going to do one of five things: 1. Continue South to the Gulf Coast, 2. Turn East and go up the east coast, 3. Turn West and cross the Mississippi, 4. Turn about and comeback North or 5. Wander aimlessly through the South. So in addition to “Where’s Bob”, we now have “Where’s Bob Going”.  Let me know what you think.

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