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4/27/09, Bentonville, IN - Thanks to Larry Riddle, everything went great with the move to Indiana.  The past few days have been busy ones.  I started work on the new wagon, visited friends and began tooling up and ordering stuff to outfit the wagon.  In the picture to the right you see the wagon sitting on 4 brand new tires.  The next couple of pictures show the interior.  The first shot is looking towards the back and shows the ďAlaskan CamperĒ style table and seats that make up into a comfy 4í x 6í bed (Iím not changing a thing with this set up, Bernie did a great job on it.)

The next shot shows the front half of the wagon with counters and shelves built on both sides. Part of the shelves on the right side are coming out to make room for a commode, a sink, a refrigerator and a two burner stove.

For the shower, I had to think a little bit outside the box (and wagon). On the front of the wagon (between two seat) is a floor board that hinges up to expose and extra foot of leg room (and it will hold a shower tub.)  A round shower curtain rod will position around the tub and the nozzle and valves will be above the door. - (Bernie set this wagon up really nice, but Iíve grown accustomed to a greater level of comfort then he has).

Outside the wagon, there will be storage boxes on both sides.  One will hold a waste tank, a propane water heater, pumps and a fresh water tank.  The other storage box will be for the horses (grain, shoeing equipment, and horse care stuff).

On the back of the wagon there will be a three foot wide shelf for holding feed, fencing and rubber tubs. There will also be awnings on both sides of the wagon. Thatís plan ďAĒ!

Doc and Joyce are enjoying the easy life. 

I continue to heal quicker then anyone has a right to. Sunday, I spent about 3 or 4 hours in a saddle, trail riding with a friend.  The shoulder didnít give me any problem at all.

Saturday, Iím off to the island Kauai for a week.  In the meantime, Iíll order up and gather up what I need to finish the wagon. When I get back, Iíve got to run to North Carolina for a couple of days.  Then itís a few weeks of getting a pair of horses, training them and finishing the wagon. My goal is to be driving by 6/15.

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